Saturday, April 01, 2006

Jack Pratt

Jack Straw really is an odious turd. Still, it's best to get even, not angry. And it's relatively easy in this case.

Where were all the pro-Condi demonstrators, Jack? I didn't see a single one on the news. If they had asked me... well, I doubt very much I could have done better. There are just so many more people who don't like what she stands for.

Check the headlines Jack.

Washington Post (A.P. - other newspapers also used the same article and headline):
Rice Faces More U.K. Anti-War Protesters
New York Times:
Rice Faces Cancellations and Catcalls on British Visit
CBC News (Canada):
Anti-war protests meet U.S. State Secretary Rice during visit to Britain
Times of India:
Condoleezza Rice visits Britain amid protests
Protests as Rice begins UK visit
Jerusalem Post:
US diplomat Rice jeered during tour of England
ABC (Australia):
Rice cancels visit to British mosque after threats of anti-war protest*
Daily Times (Pakistan):
Go home, UK anti-war activists tell Rice
Y'see Jack, these protests might not have impressed you but they did reach all the way round the world.

On the other hand, even with the Labour's Party's well known love of astroturfing you still didn't manage to get pro-Condi protests to register**. Public sentiment just didn't allow it. I'm not impressed Jack. Pitiful, is how I'd describe it.

*Dodgy use of the word "threat" (protest = threat = terror) but the report does include the view of the chairman of the Lancaster Council of Mosques. He points out that the local congregation did not want this visit.

** I did read somewhere that there were a few Condi lovers around today. Haven't seen any photos yet though and they might be worth a gander. Perhaps the Virgo's went up for the day.

Link added. Thanks MatGB. It's worth a shot. Odious turd.

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