Saturday, April 22, 2006

A quick follow up to Cherie's Hair.The Labour Party spent nearly £8,000 on Cherie's hair in the month leading up to the general election last year. Here's a poorly executed pictoral tribute to the Labour spokeswoman's attitude to this news.


Thanks to KeirHardiesCap for the idea in the comments to the previous post.

Here are a couple of reactions to Cherie's hair from the Guardian. Hannah Pool seems to have gone for some sort of satire based Michael Winner's "calm down dear" catchphrase.
"If the press should blame anyone for her grooming bill, it's themselves."
I'm not sure I get the joke in all honesty but she obviously isn't being serious. Please tell me she isn't being serious.

At the other end of the scale, Jonathan Freedland appears to be very serious indeed.
"I'm told that when focus groups... are asked about Mrs Blair, they let rip. They see her as "venal", out for herself and plain greedy. Indeed, her pursuit of money-making activities has become emblematic of the larger New Labour problem with wealth..."

What really sums this up for me though, was a comment by Philski on the Hannal Pool article.
Cheries' hair really is the bloody last straw. When you think that all the donations you've ever made to the Labour movement pay for a few days of Cherie's hair cuts it makes you vomit.
In other news, the Labour Party has in recent years been forced to seek financial donations loans from a secret group of super-wealthy benefactors. This new practice was necessary after the party's traditional supporters began leaving in droves. Yet another smug, faceless, unacountable, sychophantic Blairite drone said "the reasons for this exodus are unclear." "I have no intention of giving a running commentary on this," s/he added.

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