Sunday, April 09, 2006

Observer: Candidates disown Labour in local polls

Rebel Labour candidates, including the brother-in-law of a senior cabinet minister, are publicly distancing themselves from their own government in a frantic bid to salvage votes in next month's crucial local elections.

In some areas the party has also resorted to 'stealth' leaflets that do not appear to come from the party - including a letter to voters in north London purporting to come from a man living near by, urging them to vote for his 'old friend', the Labour candidate, despite reservations over the war on Iraq. Electoral register searches reveal nobody of that name listed at his supposed address.

One slight quibble. I think they mean "Candidates disown Blair and his minions in local polls". In reality, there's only one way for the Labour Party to successfully disown Blair. It really wouldn't be hard.

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