Saturday, April 01, 2006

News from the future.

In a way, this is actually going to be quite funny. Politically, I reckon it'll be the link to passports which does the major damage.

Step 1 - Family realises passports need renewed before summer holiday in a couple of weeks time.
Step 2 - Family arranges to visit a registration centre. Bread winners arrange to take time off work.
Step 3 - Family travels to registration centre.
Step 4 - Family are told that the system is down. Apologies are offered by the staff "but there's nothing we can do, I'm afraid." Staff advise family that these outages are common and are generally resolved within a few hours. Told to come back tomorrow (but to phone first to make sure the thing is working).
Step 5 - Family arranges second day off work to make second trip to registration centre. Make second trip. System down. Passports cannot be issued. "We'd really like to help," say stressed out staff who've heard it all before, "but the system won't allow it". Holiday's cancelled.
Step 6 - Media gets on high horse about the impact of the failures on hard working families.
Step 7 - Political meltdown.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. This'll be New Labour's poll tax.

The thing is, I'd really like for there to be a Labour Party worth voting for. I'm genuinely a bit concerned about the fact that they've chosen political suicide. Ah well. It'll undoubtedly be entertaining. Shame for all the poor sods who'll suffer in the real world though.

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