Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A little bit of politics

Been a bit busy today so here's some stuff.

I got a mention in the Guardian's "Today on the web" today (well yesterday, Tuesday) for the post on the BNP. Hurray! Fame at last. Ect Ect. It did in fact please me greatly. Like most bloggers, I'm a sucker for seeing something I wrote in print. And the more people who read it the better. Nice one.

On a related note, it was an unfortunate coincidence that I happened to choose today to call one of the Guardian's columnists a "fully signed up Blairite propagandist". It really was a coincidence. I'd already published the post before I found out that I'd been mentioned. Can't say it'd have changed what I wrote if I had except that I wouldn't have wanted it to look like a deliberate thing. It wasn't. It was a coincidence.

Still think the previous post was essentially correct though.

Anyway, moving on from my ego, what else has been happening today (well, yesterday, Tuesday)?

Tony wasn't looking too cool at his NHS speech/launch/initiative/campaign/crisis management thing. His speech suggests that he doesn't think it's all over. His body language however... Cheap shots away! He's probably got the flu or something and here's me telling you that excessive sweating is a sure sign of a guilty conscience. I mean, that's not even true but I've subliminally planted the idea in your head now. How cheap is that? At this rate, I'll soon be down to the level of the Labour Party spin machine. Oh, I just can't help it. He really didn't look well though. Perhaps he ought to think about stepping down for the good of his (that's enough. Ed.)

Cameron's come up with a new slogan. Vote blue, go green. It's funny in all sorts of ways. It really is appallingly New Labour (apart from the "blue" bit obviously). Welcome to the brave new world of politics by monosyllabic slogans. It's all our tiny brains are able to process you see. Me good, him bad. Vote me, vote me, vote me.

Cameron also said "we have to think global, act local" and "we've got to have green growth". He appears to be some sort of slogan dispensing android from the future. Remarkably lifelike but I doubt he's pass the Turing test.

Since there's an election campaign on, how about some news from the Lib Dems too. Sir Menzies has sold his beloved Jaguar. If Cameron or Blair had chosen to announce this during an election campaign, I'd have called it a cynical electioneering ploy. It's a cynical electioneering ploy. Sorry Sir Menzies but it's hardly subtle. People who are genuinely concerned about the environment are just left wondering why you had a Jag in the first place. They just don't make them with small engines you know.

And lot's of other stuff also happened today too (well yesterday, Tuesday). More will again be happening tomorrow (well today, Wednesday).

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