Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Ravenous Bugblatter Blair of Traal

People may shout and boo and heckle you and all the rest of it, but you've got to take the decisions that are right for the country otherwise you really shouldn't be doing the job.
I'm one hundred percent sure I don't need to tell you who said that. It's the sheer unshakable arrogance of it which gives the game away. The idea that people might be shouting and booing and heckling because they desperately want someone to take the decisions that are right for the country just isn't on the agenda. It's not even allowed to exist in the same universe.

Nick Robinson's interview with Blair is worth watching if you like that sort of thing. You might want to check with your doctor beforehand if you've got heart problems or high blood pressure. Respect to Nick for keeping on with it though.

Blair said "you know me well enough to know there's a resilience that will see through the next day's headlines".

Blair, famously, has always been obsessed with controlling the next day's headlines. How many poorly considered initiatives has he announced for exactly that purpose? How many laws exist in Britain today because of Blair's compulsive desire to "manage" the media? How many of his government's publications have been directed specifically at generating a certain kind of headline (45 MINUTES FROM DOOM!!!!!!)?

And now he tells us he doesn't really care what the media says. Amazing. Joking aside, I fear he may be very close to becoming completely detached from the real world.

PS. I've no idea why but Miranda.

PPS. For those who're not Douglas Adams fans:
a) Why Not?
b) The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal "believes that if you can't see it, it can't see you". The Ravenous Bugblatter Blair of Traal has a similar but slightly different problem.

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