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Here's a story for all those people who voted New Labour at the general election because they didn't want to let the "racist" Tories in through the back door. The Tory "It's not racist to impose limits on immigration" campaign cleary frightened many people. Many thought it'd be far better to let the compassionate Labour Party keep control of immigration and asylum issues.

Well, via Blairwatch, here's how the compassionate Labour Party are doing.
In an unprecedented judgement, a High Court Judge has condemned the Home Office for showing "an unacceptable distain for the rule of law" when immigration officials detained a Serbian man and his pregnant wife for 15 days.
The Guardian now have further details. Here's part of what Mr Justice Munby said:
"What the present case and others like it reveal is at best an unacceptable disregard by the Home Office of the rule of law - at worst an unacceptable disdain by the Home Office for the rule of law, which is as depressing as it ought to be concerning."
He said the detention of the couple was "oppressive, unreasonable and unnecessary". He said:
"I am driven to conclude that the claimants' detention was deliberately planned with a view to what in my judgment was a collateral and improper purpose - the spiriting away of the claimants before there was likely to be time for them to obtain and act upon legal advice or apply to the court. That purpose was improper. It was unlawful. And in my judgment it renders the decision itself unlawful."
What compassion from this Labour government. This couple were detained at 8.30pm. They were going to be deported at 7.30am the next morning. According to Justice Munby, the Home Office followed a methodical plan to minimise their chances of being able to contact their solicitor.

If Michael Howard had done this, Labour Party members would rightly brand him a heartless monster. Strangely, many of them will not condemn Charles Clarke in the same way. Well, I think he's a rancorous thug. Looks like the mighty G agrees.

Charles Clarke

If memory serves, the rancorous thug label was first attached by Justin. Forgot to mention that. He has also provided a most informative summary of the many other reasons why you shouldn't vote Labour at the local elections here.

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