Sunday, April 02, 2006

For Whom the Bell Tolls

No-one except journalists cares about when Blair's going to leave... That's the line Downing Street have been spinning recently. Having read many blogs from left, right and centre this last year, I can safely say that it's a ridiculous claim. But, as we've learned these last years, Downing Street's ability to spin the impossible should never be under-estimated.

But, this time, I think it's going to be different. Because of this.
You say it's time for Blair to leave
Go now
NEARLY half the country's voters want Tony Blair out of Downing Street...NOW!
Time's up, Tony. When the Downing Street Echo starts with that, it really is all over bar the shouting. Better to go now than to be drag it out for a few more miserable months.

Maybe he won't go straight away but Blair won't last long with a hostile Scum at his heels. It's been artificially propping him up all these years but no longer. Blair, as we all know, has had no qualms about exploiting the relationship for all he's worth during his time in office. As such, when I see him complain about the press challenging his "mandate" to govern, I'll be laughing till my sides are sore.

Laughing. And pointing. Perhaps I'll throw in some ironic cheering to add a bit of variety. You might want to try it at home too.

Anyway, I'd say that it's going to be leak central from here on in. The floodgates are about to open. Time's up.

It's unlikely but if you dp happen to think that I'm going to express any gratitude to the Screws for this change of heart, you are sorely mistaken. It is a dire state of affairs when Murdoch's traitorous rag has such an influence on British democracy. Brownie points for the first person to spot a puff piece for David Cameron.

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