Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Via lot's of people, there's a live webchat with the head of the governent's respect taskforce today at 3pm. Ms Casey is going to discuss the respect agenda and you can submit a question in advance. I put in a short bland one in the faint hope that it might increase the chances of it being raised.
Louise, I fear that giving the proposed summary powers to the police will damage their standing in the eyes of local communities. This will surely undermine the respect which these proposals are designed to foster.
See you on the interwebs at 3.

Update - 3.48pm
I may be losing the will to live. Not so much becuae of anything writen but because the moderated format makes the whole thing terminally dull. I nominate this for most likely astroturfed sentence -
Now that ASBOs and other such measures are being used effectively in areas which have previously been out-of-control...
No mention of the potential pitfalls of summary powers yet.

Update - After the dust settles
Nosemonkey agrees on the artificial grass question and summarises the whole affair rather accurately. No questions on worries over the lack of respect engendered by summary powers. How very surprising.

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