Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Astonishing Revelations

At PMQs today, David Cameron inadvertently revealed his true colours for the first time; he's a closet old school leftie. On Tony Blair:
This is someone who came into politics to soak the rich and ban the bomb but ever since then he has been sucking up to the rich and dropping bombs.
Well I never. Whatever your politics, you have to admit that it's a pretty good line.

Blair's often accused of being a Tory in a red cape (indeed, Cameron does just that here). Could it be that the leftie's have got their revenge by infiltrating the upper echelons of the Conservative Party with a die hard "red under the bed"? A Conservative criticising someone for sucking up to the rich surely gives the game away. A real Tory would never criticise such a noble endeavour, after all.

Cameron's secret socialism must be exposed. Tony Blair must urgently direct MI5 to investigate this matter. Perhaps they could also arrange for him to take a one way trip to North Korea, somewhere I'm sure he'd feel right at home.

The just in case disclaimer: this is satire (or at least an attempt at it).

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