Tuesday, January 24, 2006


It's Tuesday's Token of Altruistic Subjective Thoughtfulness. Nice Blair is ahead of me again despite not feeling well (get well soon everyone). Splendid job.

So, I've got dry rot. Well, not me obviously, my flat. My neighbour('s flat) has it too. Towards the end of last year we had someone in to give us quotations to get it sorted. "Ouch" is probably the operative word. It's not going to be cheap. Neither of us really has the readies ready to get the work done. But it's already pretty serious and the longer we leave it, the worse it's going to get and the more it's going to cost. Not good.

I've basically been a bit worried about this since we got the quotations and have, for the most part, tried to pretend it'll just go away somehow. In the meantime, my neighbour has been a bit more constructive. He's found out that it's possible to do much of the work ourselves. He's arranged for a new appointment to get a new quotation, phoned me up to ask if I'd like to do the same, and taken the time to explain exactly what it would involve (the bit with the sledgehammers sounds fun). So, we've now had our new quotations and they are about half the price of the original ones. Result.

I'm not much of a one for DIY to be honest but it looks like I will be soon. Taking down walls and the like probably won't be too much of a problem but the putting things back together bit will be, er, interesting. The best part is, when I was explaining this to my neighbour, he offered to give me a hand with sorting everything out. Truly a gentleman and a scholar.

What kind gesture have you seen recently?


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