Saturday, January 14, 2006


To torture or not to torture, that is the question asked by people with a broken moral compass. It is becoming increasingly clear where the US government stands on this matter.

Last year, the Council of Europe initiated an investigation into claims of secret prisons and other illegal activities. Dick Marty, the Swiss senator conducting the investigation, is to announce his preliminary findings later this month. Mr Marty does not seem willing to turn a blind eye as so many other have.
It's not possible to transport people from one place to another in such a manner without the secret services knowing about it. What was shocking was the passivity with which we all, in Europe, have welcomed these things. Europeans should be less hypocritical and not turn a blind eye. There are those who do the dirty work abroad but there are also those who know when they should close their eyes when that dirty work is being done
- Dick Marty, Council of Europe investigator
Blair will, of course, issue what will sound like an outright denial of any involvement in this. It will actually be another very carefully worded exercise in misdirection. As more and more evidence emerges, these "denials" become less and less credible. As a consequence, they are likely to become louder and be repeated endlessly in an attempt to drown out the realities of the situation. Isn't our government great?

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