Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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A recipe for humble pie

Take one Prime Ministerial Respect agenda, add one Chancellor's British Day proposal, and then stir in a British Lion egg*. Bake in an opinion poll until ready then serve hot to newpaper journalists:
THE Royal Family and the Prime Minister have come bottom in a poll of what makes people proud to be British. Two-thirds of those questioned in a survey exploring patriotism said they were proud to be British because of British history; 63 per cent found pride in the countryside and 54 per cent were proud of the British people.

British comedy scored 52 per cent, and the country's inventions 44 per cent. But the Royals inspired pride in only 31 per cent of people, while politics in general and Tony Blair in particular did so in just 11 per cent.
Mmm... embarrassing (to paraphrase Homer).

Opinion polls can obviously be misleading and they can be designed to steer people towards confirming whatever it was that those who commissioned them wanted 'find out'. In this case, it's hard to believe that the people at British Lion Eggs were intending to make a political point.

Eleven per cent. It seems that Blair and Brown are hardly likely to be on the first choice list when it comes to promoting respect and national pride in this country.

We didn't really need an opinion poll to tell us that. They obviously do though. I wonder if they've seen it?

* The poll was conducted for a "So Very British" British Lion egg promotion. Not that I've got inside information - this was reported in a Press and Journal article but it's not online.

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