Sunday, January 29, 2006

The End of Gordon Brown

It would appear that Gordon Brown has finally shown himself to be massively underqualified for the job of prime minister. I'm not talking about the way the silent one played politics with the decision to go to Iraq. That was just politics. Morally vacant, self-serving, dirty politics, but politics none the less.

No, I'm taking about a judgement so bad that it must call into question his fitness to lead a sing-song, never mind a country. Nick Robinson has already suggested that Brown may have made this spectacularly bad decision. Today, though, David Blunkett has pretty much put it on record.
My sense is that there is a new understanding -- yes -- and it's good because anybody with any ounce of understanding of politics knows that when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown work together, we're a winner -- and when they're divided, our opponents can divide us and it's as simple as that. So, good on them, and whether it's a year or two years it actually will be a sensible process blah blah blah...
Yes, it appear that Gordon Brown has decided to come to an understanding with the most untrustworthy man in Britain. A man who Brown said he would never trust again.

And now he has done just that. If that isn't a clear demonstration that Brown is unfit for the job of prime minister, then I don't know what is.

I'm not joking.

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