Thursday, January 05, 2006

Another Celebrity Special

Parliament reconvenes on Monday the 9th of January after the Christmas break. MPs will be raring at the bit to get back to serving their constituents as is their duty. Well, most of them will.

Where will georgeous George be? He'll be in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Can I call the litigious one a self-obsessed arse without being sued? I think I could probably prove that claim in court so I should be alright. What a self-obsessed arse. MPs are not celebrities George, they're public servants. What on earth possesses a sitting MP to take part in this sort of nonsense? Ah, yes, it's self-obsessed arsiness. Unbelievable.

No doubt he'll have some convoluted justification for this. It'll be hard to take seriously though, what with it coming out of the mouth of a self-obsessed arse.

Nosemonkey (J Clive Matthews if you prefer) also has an opinion on georgous and BB. On reflection, self-obsessed arse is probably overly kind to the self-obsessed arse. Via that monkey, Recess Monkey points out that Channel 4 may be breaking the law and makes an interesting observation on Galloway's performance as an MP.

I also changed raring at the bit to chomping at the bit. Raring at the bit? Where on earth did that come from?

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