Monday, January 23, 2006

Murdoch's just this guy

The evil one speaks. Rupert Murdoch, the Australian, US based media baron, possesses what is arguably the most important political opinion in the United Kingdom. If, in the fullness of time, he and his newspapers decide to back Cameron, it'll almost certainly have some affect on the general election result. As such, anyone who's anyone at Westminster will have listened to and analysed every nuance of every word of this interview.

That's sort of odd when you think about it.

At the moment it looks like he's going to continue to back New Labour. He threw a few criticisms in there and a few hints that Cameron might be an acceptable future prime minister. He's very committed to Blair's education reforms and wants the Tories to support Blair even if the "Labour Party is so stupid" as to oppose the proposals.

Do you know that some managers subscribe to the view that it never hurts to remind people that they're expendable every once in a while? This can, they argue, focus their attention and increase their desire to perfom to an acceptable level. But I digress.

On Cameron, Murdoch said this:
If you believe everything he says, there's not going to be an alternative between him and a New Labour government.
(06:30 mins)
I can't help wondering if Tim noticed that one.

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