Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Harbouring Extremists

A well known religious fundamentalist has been in the news again today. Last year, he very publically urged the instigation of a terrorist act but was not brought to book.

This week, he has claimed that the stroke suffered by Ariel Sharon was a punishment from God. It was, according to this extremist, divine retribution for Sharon's defiance of God's will.

Who was it who has expressed this insensitive, contemptible, ultra-dogmatic, fundamentalist drivel? Why, it's everyone's favourite TV evangelist, Pat Robertson.

The United States government continues to harbour this fundamentalist nut-job though. They will not be sending him to Guantanamo Bay, and will not, in fact, punish him in any way whatsoever.

The question is, would they have been similarly relaxed if it had been a Muslim rather than a Christian who had aired these views?

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