Saturday, January 14, 2006

This is not a love song

It's a test to see if a template edit to reinstall blogger comments has worked. Please ignore. (Good song though.)

OK, that sort of worked. It was supposed to leave the Haloscan comments for old posts though. I'll see if I can retrieve them. I hate conditionality tags, just so you know. Hmm?

Update 2 - me and my blog - ie navel gazing
And now I've gone back to Haloscan. I think that because I've generally had the blogger comments hidden, every post is set to have but not show them. I added the conditionality tags and select show blogger comments on this post but they still show up on all posts instead of just this one. Ah well, it seems it's one or the other or both. Or go back and select hide blogger comments on every individual post with Haloscan comments. That way madness lies. Also, some discrepancy between main page and individual page layouts has caused confusion.

Haloscan it is then. I just wish they didn't delete older comments... just looked it up and they don't delete them, they "archive" them (after 4 months). You can apparently stop it happening and get old ones back by giving them money. I'm not complaining mind, their free service is pretty impressive.

Anyway, the reason I was going to reinstall blogger is because I wanted to link to sites known to have some "intemperate" readers (primarily LGF if you must know). I though non-anonymous blogger comments might deter trolls. I flatter myself that the LGF people would care or even notice alink from here of course. Still, very small risk, very big swarm. Why take the chance of having it coming my way and then have to deal with their aggressive bullying nonsense? Does raise the question as to whether it'd just be better to be totally honest and link the link. Otherwise, I'm speaking about people behind their backs. I've done this a couple of times recently and it's not really the way I like to do things.

That was the thinking behind it (as well as not losing older comments to the great archive in the sky). Link, but with a comment system which is less inviting for trolls than Haloscan's. Haloscan does, of course, record limited information about each commentor. Crosschecking that with Statcounter would give some more info on any trolls (not that I normally do this; I don't usually have a problem). Perhaps a "privacy policy" politely pointing this out would deter abusive comments. On the other hand, perhaps that's just really arsy. Can't really make up my mind on that or on whether it would actually have the desired effect.

I used to be indecisive, you know.

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Anonymous said...

9/11 was not a love song either.

Watch Loose Change, 2nd ed., free on the web (Google it). When are we going to hold them accountable for their 9/11 false-flag operation?