Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Things can only get better

Labour MPs are going to react to the latest Times/Populus poll in one of two ways. They'll either attempt to rally behind Blair or they'll attempt to get rid.

It should be obvious by now that more of the same isn't going to halt the slump. The notion that it's not that bad because the local election results were only marginally worse than the disasterous results of 2004 is absurd. Any Labour MP who is comforted by that nonsense deserves to lose their seat at the next election. Just in case you've forgotten, there are 319 less Labour councillors in England today than there were after the 2004 elections. More of the same will not help.

People are seriously discussing the possibility that Labour will lose control of the Scottish parliament next year. The only reason the bloody thing exists in the first place is because Labour, barring some sort of catastrophe, would always be in control. Well, there has been a catastrophe and we all know what his name is.

Polly can see it. No more nosepegs; "Labour is in mortal danger". Whatever you think of Blair, he cannot halt the slump. He's finished. He will never be able to win back the support he's lost and the longer he stays, the less likely it is that Brown or anyone else can.

If Blair actually cared about more than just desperately clinging to power for as long as he possibly can, he'd take the hit for the benefit of the team. He won't. Everyone knows it.

Action needs to be taken if the Labour Party wants to avoid another trip to the wilderness. It should be obvious. But will it be?

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Gengee said...

I sincerely hope not Mr Hamster. I think another period in the political dog house would do wonders for them.
It would be fun to see which of their core values they would ditch the next time to mkae themselves electable ?
I don't know much about the Labour Party constitution but surely there is another clause 4 or similar they can ditch ?
Possibly they could become a proper capitalist party rather than the wishy washy centrists they currently are :-).

Looking forward to a day when the map is blue and slightly bluer, with a hint of ochre :-)

michael the tubthumper said...

an anagram of 'tony blair PM' is 'I'm tory plan B'

Matt said...

Quite funny Michael!

I am a bit lost when it comes to UK politics, however if it is anything like it is where I come from, this is my take.

The Swedish PM has made himself irreplaceable by surrounding himself with good for nothing half wits...there will be a change of government come next election. If nothing is done about Blair and soon I think there will be Tories running (read: ruining) the show in a couple of years.