Friday, May 12, 2006

Apologies in advance for an outbreak of SINGing here at the blog. That's Self-Indulgent Navel Gazing, if you wondered.

Looking back on this week, it feels like I might be suffering from blog burnout. I'm not particularly happy with my recent contributions to the interwebs. It sort of feels like I've lost perspective on things a bit. As usual, it's clear that Tony Blair is to blame (he joked).

Anyway, I might take a wee bit of time off to recharge my batteries and reboot the old grey matter. No doubt something'll happen this afternoon which I'll be desperate to blog but unless something really quite spectaular happens, it's my intention to lay off for a while.

Normal service, or at least what passes for normal service round here, will resume shortly.



Charlie Whitaker said...

Garry, it might feel like that to you, but personally I think your writing has been outstanding of late.

I do know that it is demoralising to find yourself writing about the same bunch of shits time after time. But if anything that's a failure of imagination, not judgement.

Enjoy the break. Write a book or something.

Tim Neale said...

Start a non-political blog about.....anything non-political that fires your enthusiasm.

You may well find it very refreshing.

But do come back, those in power bank on people like yourself giving up trying to hold them to account.

MatGB said...

I've been a bit similar, many off days. I'm trying to stop doing "news and issues" and do a few substantive "ideas and debates" posts.

Then I see another headline and have to rant. Agree with Charlie, you've been pretty good of late, but essentially, if you're not enjoying it, the point is a little lost.

John Prescott ate my skirt said...

Have a rest and come back soon. I really enjoy your blog. Have you heard this one (you probably have) - I saw Tony Blair lying in the street the other day. Well, I saw him in the street - I presume he was lying.

Anonymous said...

Hurry back please

BondWoman said...

Ditto ditto. Come back please.

CuriousHamster said...

Thanks everyone. Much appreciated. :o)

A wee break soon puts thing back into perspective.