Sunday, May 28, 2006

Anyone for Tennis?

This year, the male and female French Open winners will receive equal prize money for the first time. Wimbledon is now the only grand slam event where the award for winning the men's title is larger than the award for the winner of the ladies tournament.

I'm all for equal rights. But are the ladies going to be playing best of five sets at the French Open from now on? No, they are not.

It's at times like this that the whole political correctness thing gets a bit annoying. Some people have probably been a bit taken aback that I even raised the issue.

But, it is a statement of fact that in Grand Slam events, the women's game is best of three sets and the men's best of five. Men's games take longer. Spectators get more tennis and broadcasters get more footage. It hardly seems "indefensible" therefore that the prize for winning the men's event is larger.

So, let's have equal rights. Let's have equal prize money and best of five sets for both genders. Proper equality. I'm all for that.

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