Monday, May 01, 2006


The Institute for Public Policy Research, a think-tank with connections to the Labour Party, has suggested that compulsory voting should be introduced in Britain. According to the BBC, "several Cabinet ministers support the move."

Dear oh dear. They really are asking for it. I'm reminded of the fact that turnout in Iraqi elections was always right up there around 100% when Saddam was in charge.

Hyperbolic comparisons aside, it seems that the Labour Party under Tony Blair will go to any lengths to avoid having to confront their own failings. Most people will not need to consult a new age, personal self-improvement and motivation guru in order to understand that that you can't deal with a problem if you're determined to ignore its existence.

It's time, long past time actually, for this government to take a long hard look at itself. They appear to be totally unable to do so.

This got me thinking. Perhaps there's something we can do to help. Is it possible that whoever furnished 10 Downing Street forgot to include an essential everyday item? On reflection, it seems that it would explain a great deal.

So I've set up a pledge.
I will donate £2 towards the cost of a mirror for 10 Downing Street but only if 20 other people will too.
I'd be most grateful if you would consider signing. It's for the good of the country.

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