Thursday, May 11, 2006

Final Fantasy

I'm a bit busy at the moment but I can't not mention this.

The No. 10 planning committee says Labour did so badly at the local elections because:
People were angry with Tony because they love him so much, and they are angry because they think he might go.
Just when you think Blair's people couldn't do anything to surprise you anymore... (Note that there was no denial from Blair on the accuracy of the leak.)

This is the sort of thing you'd expect from the supporters of the egomaniacal leader of a totalitarian regime. Uncle Joe would undoubtedly have been fed lots of stuff just like this during his reign. Saddam too, I'm sure. These men too were utterly isolated from the real views of people of their countries.

I'd love to know what Tony's ego-strokers make of the fact that he's now the least popular Labour Prime Minister since WWII.

"Well Tony, the people don't actually know what's best for them. They have been misled by lies (not your's obviously; your lies were motivated by genuine good intentions and were unquestionably for the greater good) and are therefore unable to make an objective judgement as to what's best for them. That's why it's so essential that you, the sole repository of wisdom and good judgement in this nation, continue to make all the decisions on their behalf..."

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Anonymous said...

"Least popular Labour Prime Minister since WWII" isn't that damning, there's only been three others (Atlee, Wilson and Callaghan). Does the "since the war" qualification mean that poor old MacDonald is the least popular Labour Prime Minister EVAH!?


CuriousHamster said...

Fair point Simstim, but it makes a great soundbite. Fight fire with fire and all that.

Seriously though, he's going some if he's less popular than Jim "crisis, what crisis?" Callaghan. And he's very nearly as unpopular as Thatcher, circa 1990.

He was popular once but not anymore.

Anonymous said...

He's definitely turning out to be Labour's Thatcher in more ways than the party could possibly want. Will Brown be Labour's Major?