Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nudes and Prudes

In 2004, Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at the SuperBowl caused an enormous amount of controversy in the United States. A section of the US public was outraged that something as disgusting as a woman's breast had been shown on television. Large fines and the introduction of time delays on live events were the result of this scandalous boob (heh, sorry).

In Europe, even in stuffy old Britain, we mostly adopted that slightly condescending "Americans, what are they like, eh?" attitude. It's only a breast, for goodness sake. I think you'll find that most people have seen breasts before.

Not everyone in the UK is so open-minded about the naked human body though. Mr Jones from Wales for example, isn't keen on nudity at all. His next door neighbour had the front (and back) to sunbath naked in her own garden. Mr Jones, who filmed this incident, was not happy.
I have been extremely shaken by this. It has been very upsetting and worrying. I don't want to bring up my children in such an environment.
Not happy.

And the prosecutor, yes this went to court, said sunbathing nude "could be grossly offensive to normal decent persons in society". Grossly offensive? Calm down dears.

Fortunately, the law states that you must intend to cause harm and distress before you can be convicted of indecent exposure and the magistrates threw out the case. It's slightly odd that it ever came to court and but I'd say justice has been done.

And the reaction from the great British public, judging from the Beeb's HYS, has been supportive of the right to get naked in your own garden. People are more concerned about why someone would video their naked next door neighbour and then complain to the police.

So we really aren't a nation of prudes. Splendid. To celebrate, I suggest we all get naked and have a great big game of volleyball.

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doctorvee said...

They were talking about this on the radio last night. Apparently the woman was so disgusted that she was being filmed that she moved out. Quite right too! I know which is the bigger crime between going as nature intended and snooping.

Neohippy'84 said...

reminds me of a Dave Allen sketch.. think you men have it worse in this event... if you're naked in your garden it's likely to be 'indecent', yet if you see a naked woman, i'm afraid that's your fault, you perve.

perhaps the case would have been decided differently had the genders been reversed?

Neil Craig said...

Hearing her on the radio it seems that the decision to film her is part of a long neighbour dispute starting over both parties using one drive to park rather than genuine prudery.