Thursday, May 04, 2006

BSSC Local Election Special

As will all such specials, it's highly unlikely that there'll be anything special about it. That's not to say that I'm not hoping for some special results though. I've been away from the interwebs for most of today so I'm coming in a bit late on what's been happening with those there local elections. If I'd been here earlier, I'd have recommended reading this before going out to vote. It's still worth reading.

Up here in the land of the deep fried pizza, we're not holding elections today; the good people of England are the only one's who can give Blair the hiding he so thoroughly deserves. I am cautiously optimistic.

Here's a handy roundup of predictions. There are signs that turnout may be higher than expected at around 40%. I'd be pretty surprised if it was that high but anything is possible. It seems clear that the number of seats Labour lose will determine whether Blair limps on for a bit longer or is forced out by the party. That's why I'll be trying to stay awake tonight to see how many seats Labour has lost in local elections in that London (which, if you're interested, is around 550 miles from where I live).

Estimates of Labour losses range from 100 - 400 seats. As noted over at Backing Blair, there's a possibilty that the 400 figure, which seems to be emenating from nameless Labour goons, is an attempt to "make any number lower than this look not quite as bad". Spin, in otherwords.

Just like a good politician, I'm not going to speclate on the results at this stage. Let's just wait and see. No doubt, I'll be unable to resist posting as the results start coming in.

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