Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Marketing Political Campaign Update

Blair was out campaigning today then. I wonder how many Labour councillors heaved a sigh of relief when they learned that he wasn't coming to their ward? Almost all of them, I should think.

He produced yet another classic Blairism.
Nine days' headlines should not obscure nine years of achievement.
When it comes to dumbed down, patronising and essentially meaningless soundbites, this is a timely reminder as to who does it best. Dave still has a lot to learn.

Do you ever wonder how much government time is taken up coming up with these catchy phrases? Am I being naive in thinking that the country would be in a better state if they cared more about actual things rather than creating an endless stream of media friendly soundbites? I don't know. Maybe my concerns are just another sympton of my inability to come to terms with the modern world.

I should try harder. Let's give this sloganeering business a go.
Nine days' headlines should not obscure nine years of underachievement. Or sleaze. Or incompetence. Or greed. Or contempt for the traditions and safeguards of the British political system.
Bah. I don't think I've quite got the hang of it.

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