Friday, November 11, 2005

Yet More Integrity

Remember this?
DNA Bioscience does not have any contracts with the DWP [Department of Work and Pensions] or the CSA [Child Support Agency] and it is not currently in any discussions with them about future work.
That was what the Cabinet Secretary wrote in a letter to the Tories at the point when Blunkett was still desperately trying to keep his job. At the time I thought it a bit suspect.

Still, Blunkett did promise to sell back the shares in the company at the original purchase price. Truly a decent and honourable man.

Except, he's changed his mind now. His sons are going to keep the shares after all. And what's this?
DNA Bioscience, which is bidding to win contracts from public bodies such as the Child Support Agency, is expected to be floated on the Stock Exchange next year. [my emphasis]
Of course bidding isn't quite the same thing as being "currently in any discussions" so the Cabinet Secretary didn't actually lie as such. He was just not being entirely honest. Dishonest, that's the word I'm after.

Blunkett's sons are going to be quids in though.
City commentators have predicted that the £15,000 of shares, which are equivalent to three per cent of the value of the company, will be worth about £300,000 after flotation.
Integrity, Integrity, Integrity. That's what's lacking.

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