Friday, November 25, 2005

Power to the people

As I've mentioned before, I'm intending to write a post about eveyone's favourite radioactive potato, nuclear power. The comments on that post really got me thinking about my own opinions. As such, I thought I'd avoid just repeating my long held views on the subject and try to approach the issue as objectively as possible. I'm trying to ignore all my preconceptions and start again from the beginning, and I'm sort of in the middle of that process at the moment.* This post is partly an appeal for information in an effort to spend less time searching the interwebs. So, if you know of any links which might be useful, from either side of the debate, I'd be much obliged if you could drop them off in the comments to this post. I'm particulary interested in the facts. How much does it really cost? What are the environmental impacts of the various options? Are windfarms and other renewable solutions really not feasible ways to meet our future energy needs, as the nuclear lobby contends? Any help would be much appreciated.

And now, just so you know I've not gone completely mad, here's a reminder of what those friendly BP types are doing at the moment. That's not very nice at all.

In my more fanciful moments, I wonder whether it might be possible to make greenwash stick. Everyone has their dreams.

* I should say that I'm not questioning the theory of climate change; my opinion is that climate change is real and that we should be very concerned about it. I have given this matter a great deal of thought, including subjecting it to the bird flu media hyperbole check, and the greedy scientists want more funds analysis, and I don't think climate change can be ignored. I realise that not everyone shares that view and I would explain my opinion in greater detail but I don't really want this post to be about climate change.

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