Monday, November 07, 2005

Freudian Slippage?

Our great leader gave his monthly press conference today. The transcript isn't available yet but they did quote the PM on World at One (19 mins in). He was reacting to the suggestion that his weakened position would make it difficult to push through his reforms.
Though there is no doubt there will be many difficulties over the coming months in getting this programe through, my determination to do so is absolutely undiminished.
Months? Not years then? Tick tock...

Not really sure if this means he's finally realised his time is up but I really hope it does. Personally, I'd rather he'd said weeks or days but you can't have everything.

And on a related matter, here's a slice of recommended reading for those unconvinced of the need to get rid:
Chicken Yoghurt: The honourable gentleman
I couldn't agree more.

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