Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sampling the Mood

I thought I'd do the totally unscientific Technorati test to see what people have been saying about our great leader not getting his way on the 90 day limit. Who else linked to the BBC story and what are they saying about it? As I write this, the reaction appears to be overwhelmingly positive. "Three cheers", "Tony got his arse kicked" and "hahahaha" seem to be quite common themes. That's interesting. Where are all the angry people who support the 90 days and feel let down by MPs? I suppose it's possible that many people of that view wouldn't link to a BBC story but still, I really didn't find any. No idea why, if I'm honest. I'll have another look tomorrow.

Harry's Place seems a bit quiet too. Truth be told, I was going to extract the urine over there but they haven't said a single word on the subject, other than to quote Tony Blair's "sometimes losing is the right thing to do" line . Perhaps they're having a strategy meeting. "How can we find a way to blame the rebel MPs for increasing the threat of terrorism? We've just spent the last few months defending Blair's decision to go to Iraq by claiming that only terrorists are to blame for terrorism. This could be tricky..." might be the theme of that meeting (he speculated). I do hope they give it a go, just so I can point and laugh you understand.

If you prefer bloggers to be individuals of independent mind expressing views not shaped by loyalty to our great leader, head on over to The Devil's Kitchen for a rather amusing limerick on the subject. He's looking for more. I should mention that some may be "rather fruity" in tone.

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