Monday, November 28, 2005

Not Breaking News

I know they do it all the time but the Daily Express today has really gone above and beyond the call of duty. I find it works best if you treat each word as an individual sentence.

Approximately eight years and three months, if you're interested.

The continuing Express campaign is, of course, designed to keep the real truth hidden from public view. The "Diana" in the crash was actually an advanced prototype android of alien manufacture. It was initially constructed to please Prince Charles as part of a trade agreement but it malfunctioned and ended up going off to please some other men instead. As a consequence of this, the android's programme was "crashed" in a covert joint CIA, SIS (not MI6, did I mention it's not called that?), Mossad, DGSE, MFI, B&Q, Prince's Trust operation. And where is the real Diana? What do you think Charles traded for the love doll?

It's true I tell you. I read it in a newspaper.

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