Thursday, November 24, 2005

Pointing and Laughing

Question Time, this week, threw up what I found to be an irresistable opportunity for some pointing and laughing. Jane Moore was on the panel. The fact that she's a Sun columnist means I can point and laugh whilst experiencing no guilt whatsoever and that just makes it even more irresistable.

The question related to climate change, future fossil fuel shortages, and the desirability of nuclear power. To be fair, Jane did admit that her position on the whole issue was "nebulous" and that she didn't know a great deal about it. Her opinion on climate change is apparently some sort of hand gesture. I assume it means she hasn't made up her mind on the issue. She explains:
I talk to one person who'll tell me that there were great floods back in the Thirties and nobody talked about global warming then and whatever, and then I'll watch the news and I'll see, you know, the hurricanes, the earthquakes, and I will start to think, well hang on a minute, these are, you know, these are coming fast and furious now and surely this must be for a reason.
- Jane Moore
Earthquakes, Jane? And climate change?

*points and laughs*

Some sniggering might also be permissable. Dear, oh dear.

If, like me, you like to watch people saying very silly things, the latest programme link on the Question Time website should get you there until around this time next week. It's 36 mins 40sec into the broadcast.

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