Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Good News and Buses

David Blunkett has resigned. You know how it is when you wait and wait for a bus and then two come along at once?

Yay, w00t, and huzzah!

The vote today on the 90 day internment plans was cancelled at the last minute. Instead, there are to be new talks aimed at reaching an agreement. Safety has acknowledged that there is no consensus on the proposal. For that, read "crap, the whips have told me we're not going to win this vote, abort abort abort...".

I must say very well done those right honourable ladies and gentlemen. Credit where its due, they've done the decent thing by resisting Blair's bullyboy tactics on this. It also looks as if there will have to be a significant tightening up the the "incitement" legislation. It's not perfect, but I'd say this qualifies as a good day for democracy. I saw David Davis and Mark Oaten discusing this on Channel 4 News. They were both adamant that they were yet to be convinced of a need for *any* extension of the 14 day period and both categorically ruled out any possibility that they would accept a proposal of more than 28 days. In fact, they did a very good job of presenting a coherent partnership, and one that was not intending to budge from the current 14 day limit. I say, a round of applause is surely in order. With the support of a reasonable number of sensible Labour backbenchers, I do believe democracy might actually win the day.

It must have been a very bad day for our great leader though. Tick tock..
*Does a little jig*

Stay the course Ladies and Gentlemen, and the evil tyrant may yet be defeated.

Weird though. I find myself in agreement with David Davis. I'm cheering for the Tories. I'm happy to endorse a Lib Dem/Conservative partnership aimed at defeating a Labour Prime Minister's madcap authoritarian decrees. Strange days indeed.

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