Monday, November 07, 2005

Divide and Rule

It looks like a number of Labour backbenchers may have wilted under the full pressure of the PMs spin machine. 90 day imprisonments are back on the table. Stop the bus now please, I want to get off.

90 days? We're seriously going to be locking people up for up to 90 days because we *suspect* but *cannot prove* that they are terrorists. Strip away all the terror hype. Blair is arguing that it is acceptable to detain a person for 3 months while we look for evidence to prove our suspicions. By the nature of his argument, it can't be denied that in individual cases this evidence might turn out to not actually exist. Innocent people will end up being imprisoned for 90 days for no legitimate reason. This is the price the government is willing to pay to protect our freedom. It. Is. Not. Right.

The saddest part is that it won't even give us protection. Safety has admitted that his proposals wouldn't have stopped the London attacks. No open society can be fully safe from terrorism.

In fact, it'll probably make the situation worse by alienating British Muslims. They'll be the ones who'll soon all know someone who knows someone who was held for 3 weeks, or 3 months and then released without charge. They'll be the one's who become fearful of the police. They'll be the one's who decide they don't want to pass on information to the security services. "So and so did that and they ended up holding him for 53 days... released without charge in the end. No, I'd better just keep out of their way..."

Never mind any of that though, Tony knows best.

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