Monday, November 21, 2005

A series of unconnected things

Thoroughly decent chap

First of all, I'd like to say a big thank you to the Devil's Kitchen for help with my latest foray into the weird world of HTML/CSS. It's much appreciated. [Note to self: remember to update "thoroughly decent chap" list.]

I'm pleased with the new layout but may still make a few cosmetic alterations if I can work up the necessary enthusiasm. I do actually quite like the grey background though, so it'll probably stay. I'm going to say that it reflects Aberdeen granite in the light of a winter sky (rather than my general disposition). Anyway, I hope it looks OK where you are.

Stop the world
Earlier today, I was faced with a tough decision; either I bought some bottled water or I continued to be very thirsty. I was about to do a couple of hours of reasonably strenuous physical activity so staying thirsty didn't seem like a very good idea. I normally drink tap water but that wasn't an option and I'd forgotten to bring any. So, I decided. I bought a small bottle (500ml) of mineral water at the bus station (phoned the bank manager, he OK'ed the loan while I waited). It does amaze me that something which literally falls out of the sky can be so expensive. Remarkable achievement for marketing really. But that wasn't what provoked my demand to be let off this mad planet of ours. I'd been expecting the astonishing price. No, what really did it was one of the labels on the bottle. It said:
Mummy, I feel dizzy...

I love the BBC
The BBC is not a perfect institution but I think it's bloody good and a lot better than most other broadcasters. They've taken a fair few knocks from this government, most notably over the Gilligan "sexing up" allegation. It's still a mystery to me, that one, but never mind that now. I've been worrying that the BBC might be starting to feel the pressure to be more government friendly. Tonight on BBC 2, there's a Money Programme special investigation into Guido's favourite Lord, Lord Grayson. And what's it called? The Irresistable Rise of Tony's Crony. I love the BBC.

I don't love Fox
But I do love Family Guy and American Dad. Proper funny. Just thought I'd mention it now that the BBC has started showing them back to back on Saturday nights. I love the BB... actually, I think I might already have mentioned that.

Those were a serious of unconnected things. That is all.

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