Thursday, October 13, 2005

We're all doomed (again)

I'm a hopeless whiner when it comes being ill and I've still got some sort of feverish nonsense going on. I wouldn't actually blog about it except that I'm slightly worried that I might end up posting something really stupid. If I do (or if I have in the last few days) I blame this bloody flu thing. Reading, writing, blogging, and thinking are just some of the activities which I don't really feel fully capable of at the moment. Not that I'm after any sympathy mind. In fact, my neurotic mumblings should probably just be ignored.

So, I'm still stuck on the sofa watching TV as my brain atrophies into some sort of useless goo. And what's the number one story on the news at the moment? Bird Flu. The media just love a good health scare don't they? Even the Beeb can't resist. Today I've watched literally hours and hours of speculative hysteria on the dangers of bird flu. Scientists are warning that it might be quite serious or something. Well, it's a good idea to report that but let's keep things in persective here shall we? No cases in the UK, 57 deaths worldwide, and no cases of human to human infection. Sure, we should be prepared but should we try to scare the pants of the entire world as well? I think not.

Bird flu? Cluck off.


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