Monday, October 17, 2005

Terror in Dundee

A woman has been arrested in Dundee after acting suspiciously in the harbour area of the city. Well, I say acting suspiciously, what she was doing was walking on a cycle path. Clearly a danger to national security then.

So it was clearly justified for the police to hold Ms Cameron for questioning for several hours before charging her under the Terrorism Act. And, although the prosectutor fiscal has decided not to prosecute on this occassion, it was only right that she be warned not to expect such leniency if she reoffends in the future. In fact, the letter from the PF makes clear that she is very lucky not to have been prosecuted in this instance as "the evidence is sufficient to justify bringing you before the court on this criminal charge". I hope she's learned her lesson, the evil pedestrian.

Has common sense left this country completely? Terrorism? For not being on a bicycle? Has the world gone completely mad?

Of course the new anti-terror powers Blair is looking to introduce will only be used when it is absolutely necessary. Just like these ones. There's no reason to worry that they would be misused, no reason at all...
Does anyone believe that? I doubt it.

Btw, I'm a big fan of encouraging use of the bicycle; as I remember it's the most energy efficient method of transport ever invented. Let's not use terrorism legislation against pedestrians though, eh?

Lies from the government about the need for the new anti-terror powers?
"The three-month period is what the police and Security Service say is necessary," Ms Blears said last Wednesday at the Home Office. In fact, The Scotsman has learned from credible Whitehall sources that MI5 has not given any such advice to ministers.
Surely not.

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