Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Glorifying Terrorism

Two weeks ago wrote about the increasing tension between the British and Iranian governments. I suggested that it was possible that the government was attempting to prepare public opinion to accept the need to use force against Iran. I also speculated that there might have been some US involvement in this decision. I'm not claiming to be sure of this but I do find it a worrying possibility. I believe that the use of force against Iran would strengthen the insurgency in Iraq (particularly in the relatively peaceful South) and further destabilise the entire Middle East. It would, in short, be disasterous. At the same time, there is a strong possibility that the Iranian government, or at least a faction of it, really is supplying explosives to sections of the insurgency. If that's true, I just can't envisage any coalition strategy which could successfully respond to the situation. It's another effect of the quagmire we've ended up being mired in in Iraq.

Yesterday, someone commented on that post.
nazi bush
Now there's an unequivocal case of glorifying terrorism if ever I saw one. It seems to be just the sort of thing which the government is trying to ban in its new anti-terror proposals. Just to absolutely clear, I totally disagree with the sentiment of this comment. The attacks of September 11th were horrific, indiscriminate acts of violence with absolutely no justification whatsoever. The victims of these attacks were not legitimate targets; they were no less innocent than the Iraqi civilians who lose their lives on a daily basis in Iraq. September 11th saw the brutal indiscriminate murder of thousands of innocents and I desperately hope we never see anything like it again.

Having though about this overnight, I think a number of possibilities exist with regard to the comment.
  1. Robot Spam. Having checked the IP address via the Haloscan admin. gubbins, it seems that the comment was left without the writer showing up as a visitor in my visitor logs. Unlike most robot spam though, the comment does seem reasonably relevant to the post so I'm not entirely convinced that's the answer. All the same, I can't rule it out.
  2. Interweb Loon. It could just be a random nutter trying to wind people up. Stranger things undoubtedly happen every day on that there interweb.
  3. Government stooge/supporter. Call me a cynic but I wouldn't rule this out. It's be a very clever way to try to gain support for your daft glorifying terrorism proposals. If they were to find some way to leave offensive comments like this on weblogs, people opposed to the plans are confronted by the very thing the government wants to make illegal. It is so shocking that it really makes you stop and think again. And it's not exactly unprecedented for this government to manufacture a complete fiction in order to win support for their policies. I readily admit that my first impulse was to deleted the comment. Well, isn't that basically just what the government is trying to do with it's new plans? Why, I believe it is. Anyway, I've learned that it's generally best to think first and act later and now that I've thought about it, I'm glad I didn't delete it. So, government stooge? It's got to be a possibility.
  4. Genuine comment. It's also possible that the comment was left by someone who genuinely believes the sentiment it expresses. If this is the case, what I'd really like to do is ask "nazi bush" to explain why they believe this. Nearly 3,000 innocent people died on September 11th and I'd like to know what possible justification there is for wishing for more such events? Comments are open on this post if you're a real person.
So, those are the four possibilities which occurred to me. I can't say I have a strong opinion as to which of the four might be the most likely. Of course, it might also be the case that the answer is the infamous and ubiquitous "none of the above". I suppose I may slightly favour the idea that it was a government stooge (or a government spambot maybe?). Of course, I can't say that because our great leader definitely lied and manipulated us into the invasion of Iraq, this proves that his government is lying and manipulating us now. It certainly makes the possibility worthy of consideration though. Anyone have any opinions or suggestions?

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