Thursday, October 06, 2005

Image is Everything

It'd be remiss of me not to point out that Aberdeen and it's surrounding area have a new slogan.
Aberdeen City and Shire - A Brighter Outlook.
There's a poster to go with it too.

Can I resist the urge to extract the urine? Well, I'm going to try. It only cost £150,000.

It appears that others have not been so kind. "Shire? We're not hobbits." Quite amusing.

Actually, I think city council leader Kate Dean is on to something.
Aberdeen - Nae Bad At A.
That would fit the bill quite nicely (that's assuming people from outwith the north east understand it anyway). Any better suggestions? No sheep jokes please, it might offend my other half. She's a bit sensitive at the moment having just been sheared.

I accidentally hit publish while I was considering whether the sheep joke might not be in bad taste. Ah well. And now I'm tempted to write something about good taste, ex's, and mint sauce. That would surely be going too far though.

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