Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Idiot in the House

Whenever my MP speaks in parliament, the very useful TheyWorkForYou website sends me an email with a link to the relevant speech. I used to write a proxy blog for my MP and although I've stopped doing that now I still find it interesting to see what she's is up to. Ms Begg isn't the idiot in the title though.

Yesterday, Anne made a contribution to a debate on the Electoral Administration Bill. Anne highlighted a number of difficulties which people with disabilities might face when attempting to cast their vote. She mentioned that she had been unable to enter one of the polling stations in her constituency at the general election because it had not been equipped with suitable access for wheelchair users. She also raised a number of other points, particularly with regard to postal voting. I can't claim to know a great deal (ie. anything) about the Bill in question, but it seems to be a useful contribution to the debate.

That's all well and good until, after Anne is finished, up steps an idiot.
I am sure that the hon. Member for Aberdeen, South (Miss Begg) has commanded a lot of support for her speech. She speaks from experience and with authority, especially on the difficulties faced by people with disabilities, and I am sure that the Minister of State and the rest of the House will have listened to her with great sympathy.
Patrick Cormack (Conservative, South Staffordshire)
Great sympathy? Good grief, somebody slap him. I don't want to speak for Anne but I'd be reasonably certain that she doesn't have any wish to be listened to with "great sympathy". What on earth is wrong with the stupid patronising git? I hope Anne has had the opportunity to tell him how much of a fool he is.

Or am I being to harsh on Mr Cormack? He wears glasses and, by the look of his picture, he's also a bit fat. As such, perhaps I should just listen to everything he says with great sympathy.

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