Friday, October 14, 2005

Catching Up

Here are some of the things I missed this week:

I missed this madness (via). What's that about a nutter?

I missed the fact that reality can be an illusion in sport as well as in politics. There might just be a possibility that there's some sort of connection there.

I haven't had the time to write about the constitutional referendum in Iraq. They were still making changes to the draft with only a few days to go. Hard to see how an informed choice could possibly be forthcoming from the vote really. Still, it was probably better to keep trying right up until the last. Now the last is here, I hope the vote is free from violence.

I didn't blog about the earthquake. I wanted to shout abuse at anyone who believes in god but decided not to. I just don't understand that sort of faith in the unknown and probably never will.

I lost track of what happened to the anti-terrorist legislation. I think the debate in the Commons was on Thursday and not Monday as I'd previously thought. Most of Thursday is basically missing from my memory so I'll have to look back to see what happened. I'm not expecting to find much in the way of good news.

But I didn't miss the start of the Daily Show. w00t and stuff. Top notch.

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