Sunday, October 16, 2005

Psychiatrist Needed

Rant Warning
What we must not do is fall for some modern version of the old left delusion that the problem with the progressive government is that it is not left enough, and if only its leadership rediscovered its true principles all would be well.
Tony Blair 15th October
WTF? Do you know, I think I may actually hate him. His arrogance is truly something to behold. He can never be wrong you know. There is no possibility that he has taken the Labour Party far to far to the right. His way is the only way.

Well, fuck him. Back in the 90's there's no doubt that the Labour Party needed to reform. Kinnock made some decent progress but then Blair went and turned the Labour Party into the Tories in away strips. This at a time when the Tories themselves couldn't buy a vote. Let's face it, a monkey in a suit would have successfully defeated the Conservative Party in 1997. The public had had enough. It was the perfect opportunity to promote progressive left of centre policy.

Not for Blair though. He chose to mimic the Tories policies at a time when the Tories were utterly discredited. And everyone voted for him because, well, what else could they do? He sees this as a great victory, a vindication of his bold leadership. Yeah, because if the public hates him just slightly less than they hate the Tories then he must be absolutely right in every way. Er? He is clearly delusional.

And this:
Because to be in touch is to be in power...
Principles? No thanks, we've no need for those here.

Doing whatever it takes to stay in power, even if it means betraying everything the party once stood for? Lovely jubbly, that's the way to run a country...
BTW, "in touch"? It shows just how out incredibly of touch he's become if he's seriously claiming that he isn't.

Come on Labour types, wake up and smell the roses. Progressive politics? It's bullshit. Read this article if you want to talk about Blair's progressive politics. Get rid. If you don't do it soon, any Tory monkey in a suit is going to be able to win the next election, and the one after that, and...

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