Saturday, October 15, 2005

Makhbuba Zakirova

Human beings can be extraordinary. Makhbuba Zakirova did something yesterday which must be an inspiration to all decent people everywhere. Called as a witness in the Uzbek show trial, she refused to be intimidated and decided to tell the truth. Anyone who has been following the actions of the Ukbek government will know that it must have taken incredibly bravery.
Mrs Zakirova was interrupted by the prosecutor, who asked: "Do you realise what you are saying? Are you sure?" She replied: "Are you going to arrest me now? I was telling only the truth, and you yourself asked me to give a truthful testimony... I am only saying what I saw."
It is an extraordinary display of courage, integrity and human dignity. Our politicians could learn a great deal from it.

But now, she is undoubtedly in danger. If the government's of the world have the slightest shred of decency left within them then they must surely do everything in their power to protect Mrs Zakirova from the punishment that the Uzbek authorities will almost certainly seek to impose on her. If they do not they will have failed humanity. Again.

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