Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Watch Closely

As the goalpost move before your very eyes.
The two-thirds majority needed in three provinces to defeat the constitution will now be counted from all registered - as opposed to actual - voters. On Sunday Shia and Kurdish members of parliament pushed through the changes in the referendum rules on 15 October. Sunni Arabs reacted angrily to the amendments on Monday.
I could pretend to be shocked but what would be the point? One way or another the referendum will deliver the necessary yes vote. Is anyone going to argue that this isn't an attempt to manipulate the result?

What a fantastic way to promote democracy. Really, I mean it's just so heart-warmingly honourable. It's another truly memorable moment in Blair's wonderfully progressive foreign policy. I just hope the Iraqis understand that putting the fix in is only acceptable when it delivers a result which is Whitehouse approved.

I hope all you invasion supporters are proud of yourselves. Personally, I'm embarrased and ashamed by the fact that our country is party to this lethal charade.

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