Monday, August 21, 2006

Yeah, but not "deliberately"

The most moral army in the world uses cluster bombs in urban areas. That'll be that well known form of morality which places a low value on the lives of the brown faced barbarians then.

Cluster bombs are particularly indiscriminate weapons. They kill indiscriminately over a large area when first used and the unexploded bomblets then continue to kill indiscriminately in that same area over a prolonged period of time. And young children are often the main victims of these unexploded bomblets.

By the way, isn't "bomblet" a lovely word for a weapon which mains and kills so many children? It's just a few harmless little bomblets. "Dud", that's another one. A cute little dudsy wudsy. Bless.

Anyway, do you know what we'd call someone who used weapons as indiscriminate and lethal as cluster bombs on civilian areas in our country? I'll give you a clue; it starts with a "T".

If you're stuck, think Hezbollah's ball bearing filled rockets after they'd been massively upgraded and customised by the guys at "Pimp my Rocket" so that they're effective over a much wider area and are many times more deadly. Now imagine that 10 - 20% of the ball bearings convert into anti-personnel mines on impact...

If you're still stuck, dial our special helpline number on 09000 TERRORIST for a final clue.

The IDF aren't the only one's, mind. Mr Bush, Mr Blair, step forward please.

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