Friday, August 18, 2006

Threatening Democracy

Oh crap. Just noticed this from the Downing Street Echo:
Dangerous race

TONY BLAIR’s first act on returning from holiday must be to reopen his battle for 90-day detention orders.

More than two-out-of-three voters back his view that terror suspects should be held for up to three months while inquiries are under way.

The absurdity of the present 28-day limit is clear as police race against the clock to amass evidence on the Heathrow suspects.

Detectives have to shuttle between London and Lahore to unravel a complex web with links to al-Qaeda.

Computer wizards are sifting through a mountain of encrypted programmes. And two dozen contradictory statements must be checked and re-checked before charges can be laid.

Parliament’s perverse rejection of 90-day orders MUST be reversed.

And the sooner the better.
OK, it was hardly unexpected but FFS. Once a traitor, always a traitor. You don't defend something by voluntarily destroying it. How hard can that be to understand? Really?

Can you just take it as read that there's an angry foul mouthed tirade against Blair and his accomplices in the media in this paragraph please? I'm saving my energy for manning the barricades.

The Labour Party conference is being held in Manchester this year. It's still about 6 hours away by train but if I can scrape together the readies and the PLP haven't already done the decent thing by then, I might just go on down. Anyone know if there are co-ordinated anti-Blair protests planned?

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Davide Simonetti said...

Speaking of scary ideas from the soaraway Scum, my attention was drawn to this truely frightening article by The Antagonist. They are running a campaign for concentration camps in Britain now.

Davide Simonetti said...

I forgot to mention that the Stop The War Coalition is organising a huge protest at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester on 23 September. Check the link for details. It is expected to be a very big protest and is focused exclusively on Blair. I'm hoping to be able to go to it if finances allow. I will be posting about it a little nearer the time. This ought to be the co-ordinated anti-Blair protest you were asking about.

Tim Neale said...

The reason for re-introducing this measure is that it allows plenty of opportunities to remind the public of the terrorist threat and how only Tony Blair can save us from it.

Its effectiveness or likelihood of being passed is not the point.