Thursday, August 24, 2006

Safety warning: some people may experience an overwhelming sense of deva ju when exposed to the process described in this post. Please read in a well lit room and do not read while drowsy or fatigued.


The allegation that Iran is developing nuclear weapons is well on its way to morphing into an article of faith, a truth so obvious that only a fool or a traitor would question it.

The House Intelligence Committee has concluded that the US government lacks intelligence... leave it. *Ahem*

The House Intelligence Committee has concluded the US government lacks intelligence on Iranian nuclear, biological, and chemical programmes.

A lack of evidence? Not to worry, there'll be very little harm done. That's the great thing about articles of faith.

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snooo said...

To paraphrase Colbert:

The best thing about this president is that he'll do on Wednesday the same thing he'd said he'd do on Monday, no matter what happened Tuesday.