Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Independent: Cameron accused of playing politics with terrorist threat
David Cameron was accused by ministers of "playing politics with the terrorist threat" after criticising the Government for failing to do enough to protect the public from home-grown Islamic extremists.
What's that now? Tony's wingmen accusing someone of "playing politics with the terrorist threat"? No, it's a report in a respectable newpaper but that surely can't be right. Anyone demonstrating that degree of shameless self-denial just wouldn't be able to function as a civilised human being; they wouldn't even be able to judge right from wrong... oh.

Why are these people still in government? Anyone?

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Just in case there's any confusion, I don't disagree that that's what the boy wonder was doing. He's just more of the same, I'm afraid. It's just that New Labour gave up the moral high ground on this a long, long time ago.

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