Sunday, August 20, 2006

Is it a Monster?

Is it a monster?
Two men were taken off a flight bound for Manchester after some passengers became alarmed about what they regarded as suspicious behaviour. People on the Airbus 320 at Malaga alerted staff and demanded their removal, Monarch Airlines said. The pair were subsequently taken from flight ZB 613, carrying 150 passengers and seven crew, early on Wednesday. Two men, reported to be of Asian or Middle Eastern appearance, were questioned for several hours.

Authorities allowed them to fly back to the UK later in the week.
More details from the Mail on Sunday. Patrick Mercer, Conservative bod, said "these people on the flight have been terrorised into behaving irrationally".

Yes, but who's really doing the terrorising?

(Image from Beau Bo D'Or.)

Are Blair, Reid and co. proud of themselves now?

This sort of thing is the all too predictable consequence of their constant manipulation and exploitation of the threat of terrorism for their own political purposes. As a means to combat terrorism, their approach has been counter-productive from the start. Do they know and just not care or are they woefully ignorant of the dangerous game they're playing? Either way, they've long since proved themselves incapable of dealing with terrorism in a competant and intellegent manner.

I don't like to use fear myself but I am genuinely very worried about where this will lead us if these idiots remain in charge of our country. For the umpteenth time, the target government is not supposed to participate in or amplify the terrorist's fear campaign. How fucking hard is that to understand? For Blair, Reid and their acolytes, it's apparently too hard.

Well, there's already been too much damage done. This shit has got to stop.

(This post is a follow up to this one. Slightly but not entirely surprising that the opportunity presented itself so quickly. Worrying times.)


Blairwatch has more. Arson attacks on Mosques. Reid'll probably be delighted with those.

Also, from the comments to the Blairwatch post, here's something worth watching from across the pond:

I'd like to see a bit more of that sort of thing from our media. Does anyone doubt that a similar pattern would emerge?

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Anonymous said...

Constant manipulation and exploitation of the threat of terrorism for their own political purposes.

On Wednesday of Conservative Party Conference, Patrick Mercer MP, Shadow Minister for Homeland Security, exclusively answered your emails on the subject of terrorism and homeland security.( Wednesday 8 October 03)

PATRICK MERCER: Yes, at the moment there is certainly less of a risk of violent death at the hands of terrorism than there is on the roads. However, conjure with this one – how would the statistics look if there had been 3,000 killed in Britain on September 11th rather than in America ? Our security forces have averted several potentially catastrophic attacks already.

It's my job to alert people to the dangers with scaring the pants off them! Doing nothing – the Government's answer - is just not an option.

The interview with “Tory Boy” (Patrick Mercer) followed the same old narrative of we really must watch carefully for any possible terrorists threat (mobile phone with camera at the ready)

However when the people do exactly that having observed two rough looking overdressed Muslims checking their watches at frequent intervals thereby refused to board Flight ZB 613 from Malaga to Manchester the Tory Boy denounced them as racists, and proclaimed that the actions of the frightened passengers gave "a victory for terrorists".

There really is no pleasing this ambitious disingenuous demagogue but then he did say that he is not noted for his fairness, and I think the frightened passengers of Flight ZB 613 and their children would wholeheartedly agree.