Monday, August 07, 2006

The end of the world?

Watch, laugh, think, pause, run away screaming.

Btw, I'd have to say that not all American TV sucks. Jon Stewart is a case in point. I do sometimes wonder how the country which produces the Daily Show could have elected the Shrub as President. But then I also wonder how a country which produced Brass Eye ended up electing our Tone. It's a strange world alright.

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Mark said...

If you like Jon Stewart, you should try to get a look at that 9-11 film made just a short while after the attack. It reminds me of Stewart in the sense that they're not obviously trying to be funny - but it's funny as hell. The difference, of course, is that Jon Stewart is a comedian, while the actors are supposedly portraying the actual performance of the leaders of the free world. In this bizarre version, George Bush is steely-eyed and determined, instead of quivering like a jellyfish, not to mention being actually present around the decision table rather than orbiting brainlessly in Air Force One, terrified that somebody in a dishdash would whack him like a pinata. Hilarious in its over-the-top, pompous, revisionist bullshit.